Camp Mach-kin-o-Siew

Camp Mach-kin-o-Siew is located near Elcho, Wisconsin on Lake Enterprise, and is operated by the Pathway To Adventure Council, headquartered in Chicago IL.

More affectionately known as Camp Mach, this camp is a pristine wilderness formed when glaciers drove south across Wisconsin. Scouts can marvel at the beautiful forests and glacial lakes, as well as the acres of bog that make up Camp Mach-Kin-O-Siew. The camp boasts over 500 acres of natural beauty, and contains 13 campsites and 8 program areas. Summer camp is in session for two weeks: usually the last week in July and the first week in August. At Camp Mach-Kin-O-Siew, scouts will cook their meals in their campsites after picking their food up from the commissary. On Tuesday nights, Scouts will assemble out in the Deer Field for the Order of the Arrow Callout ceremony performed by the Pachsegink Lodge ceremonies team. Scouts and Leaders alike will love the beauty of the camp, and the dedication of the staff.

Boy Scout Program Opportunities


Merit Badges - Camp Mach-kin-o-Siew offers a wide array of merit badges during boy scout sessions. From Water skiing, to Swimming and Kayaking, Shotgun, Climbing, and many others, there's always a merit badge to be earned at Camp. For a full list of this years available merit badges, click here.

Eagle Quest - The Eagle Quest department at Camp Mach-kin-o-Siew has many of the same values of a traditional "First Year Camper" program, but goes significantly more in depth with the scouts. Focusing on leaning and rank advancement, there are numerous activities geared for both young and older boys alike, making Eagle Quest a destination for any camper!

High Adventure Outpost Program - Do you like being in the woods, surrounded by nothing? Do you like hiking, canoeing, cooking your own meals in the wilderness? Awesome, because the outpost program is where you want to be. This year our outpost program will be running a 4 day, 3 night adventure on the Flambeau River in the Flambeau State Forest. You will go with a group of scouts, and 2 staff members, to paddle for 4 days in the wilderness. You will have great opportunities to fish, swim, have fun, and even tackle several sets of rapids in canoes. More Information Here

Onsite Outpost Program - There are different Outpost activities each day, which include day hikes, forging metal with an iron forge, lunch on the lake (take some canoes out on Big Apple lake for a floating luncheon!), wilderness survival camping (make your own shelter), a visit across the lake to Kraftwood Estates, and much, much more. The program is left flexible for the boys to decide their own Outpost program, which makes it a very interactive and fun program for older scouts.

Bog Hike - One of the most unique features of Camp Mach is its famous bog. The bog is basically floating land, and scouts can take a 30 minute hike through the muck, mire, and mud. It might not sound appealing at first, but it’s a lot of fun. Bring a spare change of clothes you can throw away at the end of the hike, and don’t forget to duct tape your shoes! Along the hike, you will have the option of tasting fresh bog tea, learning about a unique ecosystem, and hearing the story of “Bog Bill!”

Thursday Night Outpost - On Thursday nights, the camp staff puts on several different outposts for the scouts. Traditional outposts include:

  • Bushwack Bluff - Scouts get to use a real forge and make tools out of red hot steel, make musket balls, cook cobbler, and work on their Paul Bunion award. Adventurous scouts are invited to sleep out in the open that night in our log cabin, and listen to the frogs from the nearby nature pond.
  • Wilderness Survival - Scouts get to work on their wilderness survival skills by building a shelter in the backwoods of camp, and sleeping in it. Our scoutcraft department provides guidance for the scouts while they brave the northwoods of Wisconsin, with nothing but a sleeping bag and a survival kit.

Off-season Camping

If you would like to reserve a campsite at Camp Mach-kin-o-Siew for weekends when summer camp is not in session, please contact the council office at (708) 354-1111, or you can stop by the office to pick up registration forms for the council camps. Camp Mach-kin-o-Siew is a great place to take your Troop for a long 3-day weekend. For extra adventure, try experiencing cold weather camping at Camp Mach-kin-o-Siew during the winter months!